Can you imagine fabulously vibrant, long-lasting hair color that's non-toxic AND organic?!

No ammonia. No fumes. No burn or itch. No damage. No Banding. No Hot Roots. No Brassing. No Plastics. No Sulfates. No Parabens. No Animal Testing. No Animal Products.

After much research, I've finally found an amazing, truly ammonia and ammonia substitute-free organic color system-- FDA-approved, containing certified organic ingredients--that produces excellent, salon-quality results, while conserving the structural integrity of the hair.  This UK-based company produces an extensive range of long-lasting, vibrant organic colors that support a natural approach to treating hair. 

What’s not to love? This organic color is: non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, predictable, causes no scalp stinging, and no skin staining. It’s perfect for pregnant women, and great for those with allergies or damaged hair. All this, and it preserves the life, richness and shine of hair, and even has greater staying power than ammonia or ammonia-substitute-based alternatives. The fade factor is virtually eliminated, and it covers grey beautifully.

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of 'false advertising' and a lack of FDA regulation in the cosmetic industry. Many products advertise low-ammonia formulations, but there has never been a hair-color solution that bypasses the use of ammonia entirely until now. Even vegetable-based hair color has chemical additives, so even if a product says that it’s “all natural,” that doesn’t mean it’s “organic.”

'The original objective from the company that researched and developed this organic color system was to come up with a hair color formula as natural as possible while still being effective. The need to produce professional results , while maintaining the integrity of the hair, as well as the safety of the client and hairdresser. Thus, ammonia hydroxide has to be removed. Over 5 years and numerous dollars we invested to achieve this objective. Organic Color Systems has been used by European hairdresser for over 12 years and is now used in over 30 countries around the world. We are confident your experience will be a pleasant one.'


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